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Mainly engaged in all kinds of round pipe, square pipe, rectangular pipe, special-shaped pipe, large diameter pipe, seam tube, seamless tube, extruded tube, cold drawn pipe etc.. Specification and quantity can be supplied according to customer's requirement.

  • Round bar, square bar, hexagonal bar, rectangular bar、
  • octagonal bar, forging and pressing bar, extruded bar etc.
  • Specification and quantity can be supplied according to
  •  customer's requirement.

  • Industrial profiles, building profiles, special alloy profiles,

  • extruded profiles, die forging profiles. Universal profile can be

  •  supplied from stock all year round. Also can be customized

  •  special profile with new mold. Extruders are from 500 tons to

  •  800 tons, 1600 tons, 2000 tons, 3000 tons, 5000 tons, 8000 tons, 

  • 10000 tons, 12000 tons.