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Mainly engaged in a variety of aluminum checkered plate, such as 1# square type, 2# lentil type, 3# five tendons type, 4# three tendons type, 5# pointer type, 6# grid type, 7# four tendons type, 8# small three tendons type, 9# moon type,10# two tendons type. Ten types, free selection. Can supply the following size: Thickness: 1.2-8mm, Width: 300-2200mm, Length: 300-12000mm

  • Pressure-type aluminum, wave-shaped hemispherical aluminum, corrugated aluminum, small diamond-shaped aluminum, orange-skinned aluminum, the surface drawing aluminum.
  • Thickness:0.3-1.2mm
  • Width:300-1500mm
  • Length:300-6000mm

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