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Main business 1-8 series aluminum material for high-speed train, metro, automotive fuel tank, automotive body, automotive pedal, traffic lightweight, stock bin, pressure tank, nuclear electric, anodic oxidation, military project, aviation, boat, machining, electronic cabinet, mobile, anticorrosion, heat preservation, furniture decoration, building curtain wall, advertising words, billboard, traffic signs, coated aluminum plate, high strength aluminum alloy articles, lamps and lanterns, welding,

  • Thickness:0.2-300mm
  • Width:10mm-3900mm
  • Length10mm-20000mm
  • Can be cut and customized according to customer requirements.
  • For example :1060H24、5052H32、6061T6、2A12T4、7075T651、5083H111、3003H26、2024T451、4343。