• China high quality aluminum material supermarket

    Qingdao Yunhai Aluminum Industry Co., Ltd. is a super large aluminum material supermarket in northern China, has most complete specifications, most varieties, highest quality aluminum alloy plates and strips. In particular 5052, 5754, 5083 and other 5 series aluminum magnesium alloy sheet which have highest quality and low price. All kinds of checkered plate, such as square type, five tendons type, three tendons type, small three tendons type, two tendons type, lentil type, pointer type etc.. 20

  • Has aluminum alloy material more than 6,000 metric tons' stock in perennial

    Due to Yunhai-self’s strong economic strength, special market position, close cooperative relationship with major aluminum factories. It decides that Yunhai is not just a supplier, but more importantly is a service provider.

  • Most competitive price advantage

    Because Yunhai purchase tens of thousands of tons of aluminum material every year, as well as a wealth of market manipulation experience, they decide that Yunhai’s purchasing price is much lower than other general dealers. Yunhai is also willing to pass on this price advantage to its customers.

  • Trusted brand-name aluminum factory's products

    Since its opening in 1997, Yunhai has chosen the China most representative and authoritative large aluminum factory as long-term partners. For 20 years, Yunhai is the only authorized agent of these aluminum factories in Qingdao and even in Shandong province. Yunhai has always adhered to the quality first, strongest professional and recommend the most suitable aluminum alloy materials for customers as cooperation purpose, thus winning the trust of our customers.

  • One stop purchase, the shortest delivery time

    In order to better serve the customers’ different needs, we have specially made a large amount of stock for all kinds of length, width and thickness sheet of the 1-8 series of aluminum alloy materials. Especially the 5 series aluminum alloy plate, any of various patterns of aluminum checkered plate, high end 2, 6 and 7 series aluminum alloy pre-stretching plate, complete specifications, high quality and inexpensive. In addition, we also has a slitter, saw cutting machine, filming machine, wire d

  • Sino foreign cooperation, selling well all over the world.

    Qingdao Yunhai aluminum Industry has sold the China made best quality aluminum to all countries in the world for many years. It reflects the Yunhai's business capacity. It also shows that the actual strength and quality of China's aluminum processing are now at the forefront of the world.

  • Three branches set sale, production and research and development new materials in one, covering an area of more than 80 Mus.

    Qingdao Yunhai aluminum industry not only engaged in aluminum material business for more than 20 years, but also unite several important domestic aluminum processing plants are engaged in high-end aluminum alloy materials production, research & development and promotion, especially the new material of ultra light aluminum alloy. In the future, Qingdao Yunhai aluminum industry can make bigger contribution for China's high-speed trains, ships, cars and other lightweight field.

  • Important discovery of new material of aluminum alloy.


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